During the months of October-March your child may earn a Pizza Hut coupon for a free personal pan pizza.  A minimum of 20 books will need to be read to qualify for the coupon.  PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR CHILD READ AND RETURN MONTHLY BOOK LOGS.  Your child will not be given credit for reading the books unless a R.A.H. book note is returned.  Our reading textbook stories may also be recorded to count toward the total number of books read. These titles will need to be recorded on the log by you or your child in order to count toward the monthly total. The number of books read in a quarter are reflected on the grade card.   
The evaluation for outside reading is as follows:

Below 20 books read-Needs improvement
20-49 books read-Satisfactory
Above 50-Outstanding

In first grade I recommend that students read 30 minutes a night. This may be divided up into two 15 minute sections if needed.


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