Butler Elementary School Grading Scale

            Butler Elementary School follows the district wide grading scale. Many of the papers we do in our classroom are completed together in class with my guidance. There are no grades taken on these. Other papers are more for practice and acquiring a skill, or assessing how students are mastering a specific goal. There are no grades taken on these papers either. Only the papers that are sent home with an actual letter grade on them are recorded in my grade book.  Papers are sent home daily and you will be receiving a mid-quarter progress report as well as a report at the end of every quarter.

96-100% A 83-86% B 73-76% C 63-66% D
90-95% A- 80-82% B-
70-72% C- 60-62% D-
87-89% B+ 77-79% C+ 67-69% D+ 59% and Below F

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